I C U - Intercultural Creativity Unlimited The title of this European project refers to its twofold aims: Firstly, the project aims at providing the students with the opportunity to express themselves and their own cultures creatively in a European frame. A teamwork partnership between Germany, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Serbia and Austria. Secondly, this project is meant to make the participants, students as well as teachers, aware of various European cultures - their differences as well as their similarities - , develop their understanding of each other and finally help them to consciously see the others: I C U = I see you. In times of increasingly self-centred national attitudes and tendencies to focus on one's own country's interests, we feel the need to encourage young people to be more open-minded towards the Euopean ideas and ideals. Meeting in person and working together will enable students to discover common grounds and common European values thus keeping them alive.

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